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I created Make SEO Simple Again for 2 specific audiences:

  1. business owners or professionals who have absolutely no intention of becoming SEO experts themselves, but want to learn more about what search engine marketing is so that they can either do it themselves or hire the right person for the job, and;
  2. people who wish to learn SEO so that they can offer it as a professional service and/or stand upon the shoulders of those before them via the podcast.

As such, every single resource, tutorial or guide published here will help you get a better understanding of what SEO is and how you can use it to grow your business.

This is a very good question because there is a lot of misinformation out there on the Internet.

I’m Daniel K Cheung, a self-taught search engine marketer. I have my own private consulting website (click here) where I provide a very specific range of SEO services.

However, I learnt most of what I know from starting first as a junior SEO at Prosperity Media. Despite having done some “SEO” when I was a wedding photographer for my own business, I quickly realized within the first 30-days of starting my position that most of what I had read and accepted as universal truths about how Search works was completely wrong.

As I learnt more about SEO at Prosperity Media, I learnt to ask more questions.

You see, there is no SEO playbook or blueprint.

There is not a single SEO course that will give you all the answers.

What works for one site may not work for you.

This is because nobody knows the exact formula on how Google ranks webpages.

Here’s the thing. Every SEO professional is just guessing, however, good/great SEOs collect their own data and draw their own conclusions and insights from them.

I have no idea on how Google algorithms work and frankly, I don’t need to and neither do you.

So where do I get my SEO education from?

The best ‘experts’ are constantly learning and I look to my industry peers. There are so many talented technical SEOs, content strategists, and link builders – these are the people I follow and interact with so that I can further my own knowledge.

Matt Diggity, Jamie Alberica, Judith Lewis, Jason Barnard, Lily Rae, Nik Ranger, Chase Reiner, the chaps behind Authority Hacker, and Victor Pan are just a few of the people I learn from.

So why should you trust what you see on this page?

You shouldn’t! Not blindly anyway!

Learn to ask your own questions and measure your own progress to make up your own mind on what works for your business/website.

What if I have a SEO question you have not covered?

Tweet me at @danielkcheung with your question because I’d love to help.

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