Craig Campbell Recalls His Experience With Running An SEO Agency And Why He Chooses To Focus On Other Things

One of the best things with producing a podcast is that I get to know people better. Take for example this episode’s guest Craig Campbell.

He’s been on numbers Semrush webinars, been a speaker at multiple conferences, and is a new father. From the outside, I made assumptions of who he was from his online presence and it wasn’t until we started recording that I realized there was so much more to Craig than his YouTube, Facebook and Twitter profile.

In this episode, Craig opens up about the mistakes he made running an SEO agency, how freelancers can charge more by realizing their value, and how he manages to pump out so much content in the same 24-hours we all have a day.

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Connect with Craig Campbell via Twitter: @craigcampbell03

This is Craig’s website and you can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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