This Is Victor Pan’s Origin Story

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About Victor Pan

Victor is a Taiwanese American. Like my parents, his parents were concerned on the ongoing threat of Mainland China and so they uprooted their entire family and moved to the United States.

Here’s a recent webinar Victor did for Semrush.

Here’s a rundown of things you will learn about Victor in this episode:

  • He practices kendo as a hobby.
  • He is a father.
  • He is the youngest sibling of three.
  • He was born in California but grew up in Taipei.
  • His family tree traces back to the earliest people who moved from China to Taiwan.

He Experienced Subtle Racism

“Everything seemed like a praise, at first.”

“You’re very eloquent, seems like a compliment at first but Victor quickly realized that he was being discriminated against based on his appearance because the underlying message was that his English was non-accented for person of color.

An Honest Conversation About Privilege

I didn’t even need to prompt Victor as he acknowledged that he comes from an affluent background, attended an international school, and traveled between countries often in his teenage years.

Without a student loan debt, Victor admits that it is easy to take all the things he has in his life for granted.

“It’s not this way for everyone else.”

He acknowledges his privilege where he is able to choose the work that he does which was a humbling reminder to check my own privileges.

The Algorithm Favors Polarizing Content

“You’re seeing less things in the middle. There’s always something extremely right or left or provocative to get engagement.”

Victor recommends people to choose work that aligns with their morals. From there, you can decide how you can amplify your morals through your work, or work within the boundaries of the system and do the best that you can.

“The thing you’re looking for is to do work that is meaningful.”

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