From Copywriter To One Of The Best SEO Course Providers For Small Business Owners – This Is Kate Toon’s Origin Story

It’s no secret that the industry is dominated by men. Unlike social media marketing, HR and marketing in general there tends to be fewer females in search engine optimisations. But that’s not to say that there are no women in SEO because there are! And they are incredible at what they do!

Did you know it was a woman who spent $17,000 of her own money on legal fees to ensure that SEO would not be trademarked?

I have wanted to champion women and I was incredibly excited and honoured to sit down with Kate Toon for this episode of Make SEO Simple Again. So much so that I put down my fear of hosting a podcast interview over the Internet.

In this episode, I explore Kate’s origin story of how she fell into SEO, why she loves teaching SEO, and why she says no to big and exciting copywriting jobs from major international brands. She reveals how she overcame her imposter syndrome and shares how her reaction and response to trolls and haters have evolved as she grew her own brand and confidence.

From speaking with Kate, I got the sense that she really cares about her students because getting traffic and conversions for the average small business owner makes all the difference whether they can send their children to extra curricular activities, pay the bills, and plan for a holiday.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Find Out More About Kate Toon

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Kate produces a number of podcasts herself. Check them out here – I highly recommend subscribing to The Recipe For SEO Success Show.

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And when you’re ready to really learn the good stuff (explained in simple to understand language and instructions), you must check out The Recipe For SEO Success – an 8 week course that will help you win more customers and conversions from Google.

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