This Is Woj Kwasi’s Origin Story

It is natural to be immersed in the granular workings of SEO – it is afterall, what we do.

However, behind the tactics and the strategies of manipulating web pages so that they may perform better in the SERPs, I think that we forget about the people who do the actual work. And when I look towards Twitter and Facebook group, the savage commentary that goes on is disheartening.

So it was refreshing to sit down with Woj and have him share his vulnerability. It gave me an appreciation of him as a human being, not just as the owner of a marketing agency and a fellow colleague in the industry.

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Find Out More About Woj

Woj is the founder of Kwasi – a digital transformation agency based in South Australia. He has his own podcast called What is Digital Empathy.

To connect with Woj, try him on LinkedIn.

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